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Posh Pads offers high-quality chic renovation options for spaces in need of a facelift. In addition, our team of highly experienced construction professionals can provide project management & development support for new projects at every stage of the process. Our creative team focuses on taking each concept and adding a personal touch to it. The use of bright colors and modern furnishings are a staple for our brand as we focus on making every space feel exciting and welcoming. We offer support for renovations, redesigns, new builds, and interior decor. Let us use our expertise to bring your project to life. Look through our past projects and request your consultation online here.
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Whether you are looking to sell your existing home or remodel it for potential investment, Posh Pads is the place to start. Our full-time realtors on-staff can assist with any questions you have about purchasing or selling and can help you figure out what steps to take to prepare along the way. Get started today and request a consultation online here.

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